Our Devotion: Andrew and Tamara

Communication with the spirit world is a fact scientifically proven by the phenomena of divine metaphysics. The existence and personal identity of the individual continues with the passing or transition process to the ethereal world, and the gift of healing is a divine attribute proven through mediumship. The natural laws of the spirit world: love, truth, honesty, humility, and gratitude are the expression of infinite wisdom.

Spiritual healing is an engaging, powerful source of energy that is generated and transmitted from the ethereal world. Those who work in a healing modality in the ethereal world have served Mankind in this capacity during their physical life. In passing, many of the doctors, nurses, and practitioners choose the same healing work upon the arrival to their true home, the ethereal/spirit world.

It is a great accomplishment when the coming together of two souls (one of the ethereal world and one of the earth plane) join as one within these two very different realms of life, for one is in limitation and the other is not. As you can see, this is a beautiful union and divine blessing to behold. To be used for healing is one of the most cherished gifts. The doctors who work to develop an individual upon your earth plane have chosen that particular being because of the openness and willingness, the connection, that is shared between them.

Spirit energy does not rely on any physical element. Moving energy is the way those in spirit heal, to change the physiology of the energy levels of the body. The body is made up of sound and light. Light is the harmony of the body, and if you do not sound the body’s foundation with good nutrition and positive mental thoughts, you will turn out the light. When the light of the body does not recognize the sound of energy, the balance of the molecular structure, the light, so to speak, is turned off. Spirit relates to your world what they see on an etheric level, not a physical one; and they know what method of healing is needed for the mind and body. Remember that all remissions are not entirely of the ethereal world. The will of one’s soul, the written destiny, and Mother Nature all play a role in the healing process. Society considers this work an alternative way, but in truth, spiritual healing is the oldest form of healing known to mankind.

Andrew and Tamara’s entire spirit family have earned their positions in the ethereal world and have continued their healing practices to dedicate their total existence to helping mankind. They consist of a group of doctors, scientists, researchers, writers, and philosophers who have one common goal—to teach: love, truth, honesty, humility and gratitude, the natural laws of the spirit world; the importance to learn the challenging lessons on this earth plane so one will be prepared for transition; how the spiritual connection to energy can change the course of humankind; the unremitting truth that by realizing the equality of all souls we will embrace a righteous way to ensure everlasting peace.

Joy of Healing provides an understanding of the physical connection to the ethereal world and a way of learning, accepting and healing oneʼs self with the assistance of spiritʼs wisdom and guided direction. It helps one to gain a new sense of awareness and understanding on how to live in a healthy and open-minded way.

When Andrew and Tamara met in 1986, they began their work with spirit “sitting” for their sessions on a regular basis. During the very first session, there were three people that came through Andrew to speak to Tamara. The first was Clara, one of her guides, who related information to her that was unknown to Andrew. This information completely affirmed the validity of Andrew’s mediumship. The second person was Andrew’s guide, Bobby, who explained the devotion he had to Andrew in helping him throughout his life. The last person, who did not give a name, explained that in their work Tamara and Andrew would heal, heal and heal—teach, teach and teach—write, write and write.”

The healing and teaching was understood, but neither Andrew nor Tamara had any writing experience, so Tamara asked, “Who will be the writer?” Spirit told her that she would, as this was part of her written destiny; and they had full trust in her to not alter any of their words. Then on May 4th, 1989, the writings began with the goal to help all humankind understand the purpose of this physical life in order to prepare for the joyous day of passing to the ethereal world.

During this session, they also stated that Andrew’s mediumship would be further developed throughout the years, as many spirit healers with varying methods would work through him, and Tamara would assist in all healing and guidance sessions, as well as learn many remedies to help heal the body. This session marked the beginning of their destined life’s work together.

Andrew and Tamara’s deep connection to their spirit family enables them to receive and share invaluable knowledge with people from all walks of life who come to them seeking wellness of the mind, body and spirit.

The devotion to help mankind, the cherished writings, the healing of the mind and body, and the ongoing wisdom from spirit have given enduring growth to Andrew and Tamara for which they are eternally grateful.