Celebration of Humanity

All souls are the full glorious bloom of a flower that emanates such stature and grace. We in the world of Spirit use the analogy of a flower, for the simplicity is beautiful in which to describe.

Upon the arrival to the physical plane, the newness to this manifestation of presence is as a flower in the bud or beginning stage—yes, the beginning of the lessons, the challenges, and obstacles. As each lesson is learned within love, truth, and honesty, the bud begins to open for more growth.

The soul of each being yearns to be within full bloom, the completeness, the oneness with all life. If lessons are not valued and learned within love, truth, and honesty, then the closing of the flower or what we express as “the denial of the goodness within” will take place. Unless help is given, a confused soul may not ever find awareness upon the physical plane. How disheartened we are to see this happening. Yes, we know all souls will learn when they are ready, although if help were given with the unconditional aspect of life, no one would be forgotten in society’s eyes. This is why we say: There cannot be truth given at the foreground of thought if anyone is left out. To relinquish another will take from the goodness of all. Life is precious, and all are to be treated with the adornment (the righteousness of yourself within pure humility) of life.

Many will say, “But it is their choice to be the way they are or live in the manner that they do.” Yes, my friend, it is; however, common sense would tell you: Since all souls are equal, all should be offered help, which is all too often disregarded.

Mother Teresa never relinquished one soul. She stood tall and steadfast without giving any excuses. One could say she pushed herself onto others—yes, with complete unconditional thought of only love and giving. Her soul is the radiant light shining ever so brightly. She achieved the full glorious bloom and always knew her equality to all mankind. She is a true giver in every sense of the word.

All souls have the opportunity to be within this realm. This is not to say that this realm must be achieved on a grandiose scale, for it is not how many one touches with love that matters; it is the way or how one gives his or her love—whether it be a smile to soften another’s hardships of the day, a kind word to lift the spirit, a conversation of joy to soothe the soul, a walk in nature to reveal complete gratitude for life everlasting, a kind gesture to give with honesty, a heartfelt presence of true peace, a knowingness of equality, a moment to feel for another regardless of your own situations—to truly be patient for all gifts of life, to know that all will transpire in divine order, to be in gratitude and appreciation each and every day, to only have good thoughts for all others, to understand the awareness of life, the true simplicity, the oneness with all and, most of all, to understand, feel and live within love, unconditional and absolute, for all to behold.

As Henry Drummond* wrote, the greatest thing in the world is love, my friends, for love encompasses all virtues and elements of life.

There are nine virtues of life that are the ingredients of love: kindness, generosity, self-worth, gratitude, humility, selflessness, patience, compassion, and faith. The God force of life created each in equality, and all souls are given virtues to behold and learn. Live them each day, as they are the goodness of mankind. Embrace and allow them to be a part of your soul, to be cherished over and over again.

This development is a lifetime procedure upon the physical plane. Receive what is right for your well-being, and then give to all mankind. Take heed of these words and cherish the meaning of each, for this is the truth of life.

To experience true love, pure and clean, is to experience the heightened levels of your internal thought. There are no words to describe, as each will arrive to the glorious, full bloom of life one special day; however, we ask: Why can it not be at this very moment, for your world is crumbling to the depths of despair once again.

When you achieve the five elements of life: love, truth, honesty, humility, and gratitude, your life will be as one with the God force of life, the good of mankind; and love will come from the heart—pure, unconditional, and absolute. Peace will envelop the soul, and the thoughts will transform into a knowingness that will only render giving. This is a lifetime quest in the physical plane, and this realm of living will determine where you sit in the ethereal world.

We have given the virtues and elements, as they are tools to help each soul arrive to the oneness of love, although if each virtue and element is not practiced and learned, then one will not experience true love, for it cannot be unconditional if the virtues and elements are not known.

Remember, my friend, that you are the keeper of your own soul. Be aware of all moments, for each is truly special; and all lessons experienced will only render peace if it is your desire. All souls know their desires, and the will and determination can be achieved in order to follow them. Your destined path will develop in the way that pleases you, through your choice as you use your free will.

Allow the clarity of vision to emanate from your truth and honesty surrounded with the greatest gift of all—the love within your soul.

* Henry Drummond—(1851–1897) Born in Stirling, Scotland, an ordained minister, lecturer, professor of natural science, and inspirational author.

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