Personal Change

Let us understand this physical life, the purpose of living upon this earth plane. Many people question the meaning of life and seem to be confused about the reasons for their destined path. There are so many facets of life to aspire to, and yet many souls seem to feel that they never accomplish quite enough. We in Spirit ask: Who are you trying to satisfy—yourself or others?

It does not matter how great your achievement is. What matters is how or the way you arrived to your achievement of life. Only through love and giving of your heartfelt desires will you truly know of the satisfying feelings that lie within your soul. Think about this: If you are pleased with the outcome of a goal, and you have given your love and passion to it with complete self-worth, then the happiness will be one of wholeness. However, if you are not pleased with the outcome of your goal because of uncertainty as to the final success, fear of another’s approval of you, or doubt of your personal abilities, then you are not giving your love to your desire. In essence, you would be placing a blockage toward your desire that could otherwise give you a feeling of true accomplishment.

Be thankful for all you achieve, and do not place barriers that give in to a negative thought of not being quite good enough, for there is no such thing. Remember that the way each person sees life is within a different realm. What pleases one may not please another. What gives pleasure and contentment to one may not give the same to another. This is why it is so important to be happy and satisfied with what you personally accomplish. Once you find your inner peace, you will expand upon your talent and move on to more creativity in your life.

As we in Spirit say: There is never an ending place to what you can accomplish upon this precious earth, for desires and achievements are a never-ending facet of life that surrounds all souls. Many people feel that once they arrive to their desire and achieve it, then it is time to sit back without furthering their spiritual growth. We will tell you: This is not a truth of life, for you need to share and teach with all the gifts that have been so graciously given. There will be an abundance of growth in this light, and a part of your soul, the love that went into your achievement, will be passed on to another. Do you see how all souls could help one another and truly give their love and friendship? Yes, there would be a world enriched with more positive, nurturing thoughts rather than doubts and fears of life. Once this chain reaction of giving to one another with true caring begins, the world will make a change for the betterment of all humankind. This endeavor can arise at this very moment. It may not happen overnight; however, if each person makes a special effort to help, the change will surely come about.

Think deeply regarding this subject, and look at your own life. Are you giving to yourself and others who you meet each day? Do you share and reason with your thought, or do you become opinionated and judge your thought? Do you lie in peace, or do you lie in fear? Are you satisfied with your life, or do you have anxieties and worries that rule your emotions toward your accomplishments? Is there an enjoyment of rising each morning, or do you become tired and unwilling to face the tests and challenges of life each day? Is there a reality of truth to follow, or does your vision only see the illusions of grandeur and fantasy? Can you change your ways, or do you feel there is no room for change because of set viewpoints?

Yes, my friends, there can be many questions to ask yourself, although there is only one question that can give the truth to life’s peace and happiness. Do I give my love each day as I help myself to help others and help others to help myself? Yes, love for yourself and all others can only bring true peace and happiness.

This is the way you can reach out to your neighbors, kin, and friends. This is the way all souls will become united as one within a realm of love, truth, and honesty. This is the way to learn the true meaning of love and friendship. This is the way the world that lies in great confusion will find the openness and acceptance of all people in all lands, and this is the only way to find peace among all nations.

Remember and place within your heart: Love is life that oversees the virtues of all souls as being equal. These are virtues of kindness, compassion, humility, generosity, selflessness, patience, self-worth, gratitude, and faith. If all people could see and feel the equality of each regardless of race, creed, color, disposition of life, physical attribute, culture, or viewpoint, then the numbers would grow to the triumph of true peace and pure joy. The thoughts of greed, power, hatred, and control would soon be abolished, for these four words are what have generated the despair and turmoil in your world. When these words are prevalent in your society’s thought, there can arise a growing turbulence that declares war, destruction, sadness, despair, and the world’s enormous problem of not providing food and shelter for all those in need.

We in Spirit tell you: This disheartening problem should not exist. The waste of food and deliberate misuse of the land have once again been repeated in the words of history. The words “homeless” and “hunger” should be nonexistent, for the shame of allowing this state of living to exist is a reflection on all people.

Learn, my friends, learn. Do not think when we in Spirit say “love more” and “give more” that this is a frivolous statement. Common sense would tell you it is not. To love more and give more will most assuredly change your world to the splendor and beauty of peace once again. If only you could envision this beauty, you would have it. Life is simple and still so many individuals delude themselves with great pleasure, seeking out the confusion. Do not get wrapped up in what you think you should do for society’s sake. Instead, do what you know you should do within your own heartfelt conscience that is favorable for the well-being of all souls.

Act upon the love that lies within, and give to all you can every day. Allow the happiness of your life to spread throughout your world like a blanket of peace that soothes and comforts all. Do not wait for the right moment, as there is no time to waste. Let your honesty flourish to the threshold of truth, for there is nothing sweeter. Be strong in your perseverance of helping others, and live your life to the fullest of your capabilities. Cherish what you have been given as you learn to accept life for the realism—not the fantasy. Give your understanding, and reason with your open-minded thoughts among your friends and loved ones as you give your compassion.

Never worry about how great your accomplishments are upon this earth. It does not matter what rung of the ladder you sit upon. What matters is how or the way you achieved your seat. Upon passing to the other side, all that will matter is how you lived your life, no more, no less. Your name, your position, and your success will not be of importance. Do not search for profound happenings of phenomena. Do not pursue the grandiose statements of futuristic or past aspects of life. Instead, devote your love, truth, and honesty to the integrity of your life, for you have chosen to come to this earth to learn of yourself, to develop your character and personal identity. Follow through with a presence of complete acceptance for the beauty and purity that lies within.

All souls are here to further their growth by welcoming all the many lessons of life. Forever, throughout your life, you will remain to harvest the seeds that you have sown. Keep your love constant and grow to heightened levels of wisdom each day. As you do, we in Spirit can promise you great joy and happiness.

The gifts of life are bountiful and are available for each and every soul to enjoy. "The more you give, the more you will receive" is a divine statement of truth. When you give, you will receive the same in return. In truth, you will be fulfilling the written scriptures of your destined path; you will be implementing gratitude and humility to your principles of life.

Always give the most cherished part of your soul, the love within, and the coming together of all souls uniting as one will embrace the glory of peace throughout your precious world.

God be blessed.
God be willed.

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