Spiritual Healing

To be healed of the mind and soul is, indeed, a divine blessing.

Spiritual healing is an engaging, powerful source of energy that is transmitted from the ethereal world. All those who work in a healing modality in the ethereal world had served Mankind in the same capacity during their physical life. In passing, many of the doctors, nurses, and practitioners choose the same healing work upon the arrival to their true home, the ethereal/spirit world.

Remember that we are all spirit. Our only difference is the plane in which we live. Your earth plane is of the physical body and material world and is a mere reflection of the ethereal world. Our ethereal plane is of the spiritual body and is the true home to the soul—the reality negating illusion; however, we are as you, always learning and growing, for it never stops.

The knowledge that all of you receive is from the souls in the ethereal world. How do you think those like Albert Einstein, Louis Pasteur, and Dr. Robert Koch became so educated in their fields? The love and focus for their work received constant help from the ethereal world, from the ones who cared deeply to give unconditional help. In turn, these doctors give back to your world in order to help mankind. Yes, healing energy is given, and this energy must be pure with enduring love for humanity.

It is a great accomplishment when the coming together of two souls (one of the ethereal world and one of the earth plane) join as one within these two very different realms of life, for one is in limitation and the other is not. As you can see, this is a beautiful union and divine blessing to behold. To be used for healing is one of the most cherished gifts. The doctors who work with a developed individual upon your earth plane have chosen that particular being because of the openness and willingness that is shared between them. Keep in mind that the natural, spiritual laws of the ethereal world only allow spirit to work through an instrument that they develop for healing energy. If ego is a part of their instrument, then the gift of healing will be relinquished, although when one is fully developed, the continuous healing to help those in need will occur.

Healing of the mind and soul is very needed in order to attain balance and live a peaceful life—physically, mentally, and spiritually. If the mind and soul are not in acceptance, to be in harmony with one another, there will be a void for a peaceful disposition of life. The minds of many individuals have disturbed their physical bodies to the point of self-denial of the goodness that lies within. To receive help in solving their problems, they need to realize that there are many souls in the ethereal world who are happily waiting to be used for healing.

As all in spirit give to growth, so must you. As all in spirit learn, so must you. As all give to one another a part of their soul, so must you; and the most beautiful union of life is one of true friendship and unconditional love. To heal and nurture is of this realm.

Healing seems to be justified when a cure takes place. Yes, cures upon the earth plane are happening every day in your society. My friends, this is one of your fallacies of life, for medications and surgeries only place the illness in a state of remission. Unfortunately, many of the drugs do cause harm, sometimes even to the area of the body that is supposed to receive help. If harmful additives are consumed, the effects can be of a very grave nature. Even though many souls are aware of this, they still allow their mind to take over their inner knowing, their intuitive thoughts. Remember to place yourself within a realm of truly caring for the body while using your good common sense. After all, if you do not, you may experience the possibility of an unhealthy body for your remaining years upon this physical plane. Do not allow this unfortunate state of living to begin. Seek out guidance from your dear friends, the ones upon your earth plane and the ethereal world. If the physical doctors, practitioners, or any healers in your society cannot help completely, do not expect miracles of spirit doctors. It is true that healing energy of the ethereal world is very powerful; however, there are no quick answers or fast solutions. It takes work on your part as well for the healing process to occur, although through your desire to achieve favorable health (once you make that commitment), you will be happy for the outcome, and you will only move forward. Remember: The body is your temple to be nurtured while living out this physical time.

Throughout your entire life, each and every day, your guides who love and watch over you will always give their help just for the asking. Embrace their help and devotion for your needs, and thank them in the same way that you would bless and consider your friends upon the earth plane. They are surrounding you because of the likeness you share together. As you make friends on your earth because of similar interests, so will spirit contact the ones of their same interests.

To be used for healing is one of the most cherished gifts, and within this realm, a great deal of energy is required. Throughout history, spiritual healing has been misunderstood as to how this healing energy is generated and transferred from the ethereal world. The souls of heightened levels of wisdom who have devoted their life to healing have earned and been granted their disposition to help heal the physical plane. The energy that is generated to the earth plane has not been fully acknowledged, concerning the great extent of remissions that have occurred for the betterment of mankind.

Think about this, for there is also confusion with your medical profession, your physical doctors. When one is supposedly cured, there are great raves placed upon the doctor; however, if one is not cured, the doctor may be discredited. If only all could realize why they do become ill. Remember, my friends: All illness is caused by the mental state of thought patterns (discords and issues that have not been resolved), as well as polluted environments, and unhealthy diets. Illness does not happen overnight. It takes time to manifest; therefore, instant cures are very misleading. Believe us when we in spirit say: There is work to be completed on both sides—the healing energy of spirit and the care that you implement toward your well-being, as this symmetry promotes gratitude. The only concern for all people is to attain a healthy mind and body. One will affect the other; however, if both are in balance and harmony, there can only be favorable health.

Receive healing with a positive acceptance, and become aware of the spirit friends who surround you. When you are open and honest to yourself, you will truly know the reason for any illness. People manifest their illness. Remember that all you put into your life will surely come back to you. If you give to the good, then the good will be yours. If you give to the confusion, then the confusion will be yours; and if you give to the fear and ignorance of life, then you shall dwell within that realm. As your friends in spirit give you their love and guidance through your intuition, you may give them respect and honor if this is your choice. When you do, many wonderful happenings will occur.

Healing can be a smile given to another or a kind word filled with an abundance of love and caring. Give and receive the healing that the God force of life and all Spirit friends so divinely bestow upon you. Whenever you desire healing, ask for your friends and loved ones in spirit. Thank them, and give your friendship and love, for there is nothing greater than the true giving from one soul to another. Be open to healing, for the understanding of yourself will lead you to a clear mind that will unite your mind and soul to a balanced harmony of life. This would be another definition of healing "the balanced harmony of the mind and soul." Realize that all means of healing have been given of the God force of life, the energy fields of life; and no one is to think that his or her way is the only way, for what suits one soul may not suit another.

Spirit energy does not rely on any physical element. Moving energy is the way those in spirit heal, to change the physiology of the energy levels of the body. The body is made up of sound and light. Light is the harmony of the body, and if you do not sound the body’s foundation with good nutrition and positive mental thoughts, you will turn out the light. When the light of the body does not recognize the sound of energy, the balance of the molecular structure, the light, so to speak, is turned off. We in spirit relate to your world what we see on an etheric level, not a physical one; and we know what is needed for our power of energy to heal. There is so much more advancement for remedies of the physical body from the healers in the ethereal world—yes, procedures that are truly unheard of upon your plane. Society considers this work an alternative way, but in truth, spiritual healing is the oldest form of healing known to mankind.

Remember that all remissions are not of the ethereal world either. The will of one’s soul, the written destiny, and Mother Nature all play a role in the healing process. To this very day, science has not understood the formulation of thought, where all thought is derived. When the equation is achieved to understand the physicalness of the brain, the physical element of the consciousness of the mind, and the soulful thought of the entirety of energy, your medical profession will gain more wisdom for the reasons illness is created in the physical body.

Let your world become more educated, and the scientific studies for healing in your society will begin to make more valid strides that are favorable for all. If your world does not concede to these words of truth, the desired methods in which to expedite the healing process will surely falter. It is common sense that life must be lived in honesty in order for higher levels of wisdom to work through one’s intuition. Like attracts like, and the ones of ego and dishonest ways do not receive wisdom in the same means as the ones who are honest—who do not wear a false face, allowing the real self to be known; who give the truth and only the truth; who emanate unconditional love, the greatest healer upon your earth; who understand gratitude and are grateful for all gifts bestowed upon them; who embrace humility, not expecting praise and glory; who stand up for their integrity with diplomacy, and who willingly make the choice to help all souls. The ones who live in this way understand what we term “Constitutional Reality,” the five elements of life: love, truth, honesty, humility, and gratitude. These souls are to be honored for their great accomplishments and services rendered unto mankind. These five elements derived from nature will help to make the necessary changes so desperately needed in your world, and this change will affect every disposition and aspect of life if so desired.

All of the varied practitioners must take a long, deep look into the ways they conduct their research and continuing practice of placing too much importance upon their successes, for we in spirit ask: Who is the beneficiary of the success when, in truth, so many of the medical and scientific fields do not understand the eternalness of the soul in order to truly understand the internal aspect of the physical body—how the physical matter lives through energy.

The body is not only of flesh, bones, and organs. The physical body is an extension of the ethereal, and the ethereal energy controls the entire body—every cell, blood flow, oxygen level, every detailed aspect of each organ, and every thought pattern—yes, the complete entirety.

You live in a three-dimensional world and are very limited indeed! This is a life you have chosen to live while dealing with many challenges. The way you deal with them will secure your disposition or place in the ethereal world. The physical body is the housing upon your earth for the soul to live and embrace the five elements.

Honesty is the divinity of life, and we in spirit ask: How many souls can truly give their honesty without fear of insecurities involving all the made-up illusionary thoughts? How many live in reality and show their strength of character with the most important facet of life—equality? When will all see one another in the pure, untainted vision of equality?

We will tell your world that when this great task is accomplished, stride after stride will be made in all professions. You may think your world has made great advancements, although again, we will state: A very small percentage of your world lives in the completeness of honesty; therefore, awareness is diminished as the intuition of greater knowledge from the ethereal world is lessened.

Your world has had examples of souls on known levels to learn from, and the one that we honor deeply is who you call Mother Teresa. Spiritually, she gained her place in the ethereal world very swiftly. Her love rendered a purity never ceasing, for she looked at all with equality. All were cherished, and no one was more cherished than another. She truly understood the five elements and lived each one with every breath she took. Ego was not even the slightest part of her, for she is what we call a true, unconditional giver. She did not care about all the glorification she received because she knew what simplicity meant and was truly happy with her personal self-worth, the goodness within that was given each day to help all humankind. She was an instrument to help heal the ill, for which she did not take the credit; to lighten the burdens so heavily laid upon the ones of such despair and sadness; to truly be concerned regardless of the size of a problem; to follow through with all actions needed for each welcomed challenge, and to stand up for her beliefs and know that all will happen in divine order. She is a true healer in every sense of the word. Her devotion to all humankind exemplified what we in this family term “a doctor of medicine,” for she understood the eternalness of the soul, the true energy of life. Clearly, she understood love, the most powerful healing energy within the creation of life. She set a great example for the world to understand “equality in all.”

Mother Teresa fulfilled her destiny within the five elements, and all souls through choice and free will can live in this way. Keep in mind that no one has to be known for fame or glory to accomplish what she did, for all know within their heart the truth of their personal life. All know when they give their love unconditionally. All know when they are sincerely grateful within simple humility, and all know when they stand up for themselves to show and express the pure honesty of their soul.

Remember and place within your heart the meaning of love.

Love is life that oversees the virtues of all souls as being equal.

Sadly, unconditional love is not at the foreground of thought, for as we have previously stated, too many egos get in the way. The physicalness is lived such a short time upon your earth, as eternity awaits all; therefore, we implore your world to acknowledge what spiritual healing truly means, and become more educated with an open mind.

Please understand that we view many fine doctors of medicine and many wonderful instruments for healing energy, and we help all those who ask. The ones who care for and know their patients while giving unconditional help we have the greatest respect to uphold. One day the physical world will pay tribute to the knowledge of the ethereal world in the matter of medicine and spiritual healing. When the two come together within the five elements of life, the celebration for successful research involving more accurate remedies will be overwhelming. We will be overjoyed for this allowance to happen throughout your world, and your society will be the one to benefit.

May the will and dedication take your world to heightened levels of wisdom so that all souls may attain a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

God be blessed.
God be willed.

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