Both worthwhile and extremely valuable

In November of 2003 I became critically ill with advanced coronary artery disease. I was hospitalized with chest pain, arrhythmias, elevated ST segment, high troponin, etc. I needed to have two stints placed in my coronary arteries (proximal LAD and distal Circ.) which were almost completely blocked. I was told by my cardiologist that I would need a third stint within the next few months. After several more visits to the ED following the stint placement, I finally had an ER doc who discovered I was highly allergic to plavix, a blood thinner that I was placed on. At that point I was feeling terrible. I had virtually no energy and was depressed. My cardiologist basically told me to take a different blood thinner, but continue to take the other medications (cholesterol and ACE inhibitor) and that everything was alright.

The problem was I did not feel alright I had some energy work done by a local healer/friend who told me about Tamara, Drew, and the doctors. I arranged a week visit/intensive. I was seen by several doctors who helped me heal and gave me direction in continuing process. The intensive and advice was both worthwhile and extremely valuable. I have been able to stay well and not require additional stinting.

After two years I am on no medications at all. I have come to understand how important diet is and am thankful of the specific recommendations Dr. Robert has given me on this topic. I am also appreciative of the time I shared with Dr. Gregor, gaining insight into my life’s/souls desire. The simple truth about what’s really important in my life. I was very sick and it took me time to heal. For a while I did not know if I would ever feel the same again.

I believe that if not for the therapy I received from the spirit doctors, I would not have gotten back to my old self, and certainly would have continued to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle due to ignorance on my part and the part of the medical establishment. If I or my immediate family became seriously ill, I would again consult with the doctors to gain their unique perspective and invaluable insight.


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