I cannot tell how grateful I am

Dearest Tammy and Drew,

I got home safe and sound and I finally have some time to sit down and write you. I cannot tell how grateful I am for my intensive. The personal attention I received was truly wonderful - I felt so special.

Thank you Tammy for all your guidance, support, cooking, packs, stories, note taking and everything else behind the scenes that I have not noticed that you do. You hold a lot and I just want you to know that your ability to do all you do and your commitment to your work is beautiful. I have read the notes you gave me over several times and they are so beautifully written with love and grace. I thank you and your spirit guides for this.

Thank you Drew for allowing your body to be a vessel for spirit to come through and speak to me to support me in my life and my work. This is an amazing thing to me and I am very grateful to have been lucky enough to benefit from your dedication to your work. And thank you for washing all those dishes!!! Take good care of your body....we need you.

Tammy I have asked a lot of questions below of each of the doctors . I hope this is not too much to ask. There is no rush. I ask these questions with sincerity and patience for the answers.

Thank you Dr. Robert for your wise and tender advise about my physical health. I really really enjoyed our time together. Thank you VERY much for the lesson you gave me to help me help others. I will use this information with integrity and common sense. You are a wonderful teacher. I have a few questions for you . . .

Thank you Dr. Greggor for your direct and loving way of being with me. I have taken to heart the guidance you have given me about the five elements especially truth and honesty, speaking my truth, being in the moment always and having confidence with myself and my work !! I am most grateful. I have some of questions:

Thank you Dr. Jessie Thomas for the lesson you gave me to help me with my work. I love it !!!!! and I began to incorporate it immediately. You are an excellent teacher. I have run into some queries.......

Thank you Lingrid for your wise and poetic words. My prayer is so very beautiful. I hope to have more time with you one day. And I hope to be ready to hear and let the other gracious doctors in that you said were waiting for me.

I must surely be blessed to have had this opportunity to be with you Tammy and Drew and your family. I wish you Godspeed with the release of your book.

All my love and light, Michele


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