Love & Reasoning

"All" is a word in which we think of everyone—yes, everyone living in unity; however, this state of living is not as it should be at this time and must begin to transpire for the well-being of your world. People of all lands and all dispositions of life need to unite in their actions, thoughts, and accomplishments. In order to fulfill your desires, the actions must be carried out with positive thought; and the thought must be based upon love, truth, and honesty. Without the foundation of honesty, love will surely falter. When there is true love, a positive realm of honest caring for one another will be shown through one’s actions. Too much time is spent in confusion, although there could be a clear way of thinking and reasoning achieved by all. If anyone is left out, then there is a void for the unity of your world.

"Reasoning," my friends, is a way of balancing the thought patterns into a harmonious state that is favorable to all souls concerned. Think about this: If you truly love your friends, you will reason their thought with your own to offer your goodness without judgment or opinion. Preconceived opinions will not be a part of this realm. Happily, there will be a conversation of two loving souls enjoying one another in total acceptance. How glorious this will be!

Unfortunately, there is not enough reasoning upon your precious earth, for so many souls are too set in their ways. Remember that the understanding and conveying of thought without judgment or opinion is truly of a high spiritual nature—to end all wars, to end all power, greed, hatred, and control. To foresee and care for your world, there must be a change within all souls. The real nature of each being is only based upon the character that has been developed throughout the time spent upon your earth plane. This is where the problems start, for many souls judge the character of others before giving them a chance to speak of their innermost feelings. When you do not give your friends a chance to speak of their deepest feelings, then you are not fully realizing who they are and what they are all about.

Think of the word, "reasoning." As you give, so must the ones you meet. This is the only true way to reason, and it should be given in the light of truth and honesty, harboring no fears, anxieties, or doubts.

Many upon your plane will be giving to their friends only until they see a facet of their character that may not be pleasing. How, we in Spirit ask, could you be fair or loving in this manner? To greet your friends with a warm hug and then push them away creates what we will term “a circle of confusion.” Remember: If you greet your friends with a hug of warmth, follow up with a hug of even more warmth as you accept them without criticism.

To render growth will be most difficult under this circumstance of living, and to learn and grow are two reasons that you have chosen this physical time upon the earth plane. Your growth depends entirely upon what you learn. If the learning is of love, giving your truth and honesty, then the growth will be of heightened awareness that is forever climbing. The path you will be upon will be one of joy, and your destined point of return to the other side, the ethereal world, will be one of ease that will only grant further wisdom. The happiness you attain will surpass all obstacles you have confronted, like a feather that is lifted into the heavens, for there will not be a weight upon the shoulders anymore. In securing this realm, please listen to these very special words, for they are only of truth. No matter what your belief or religion, one cannot deny the power and beauty of true love and reasoning. This commitment must begin now and take hold as if no thought is needed. At first you will think. Then with practice and understanding, you will blossom to a new way of life that will bring peace and great joy.

You may think this is a very elementary part of life that most people have been taught. We ask: Are all souls living in this way? Are all souls reaching out to one another with love at the foreground of thought? Are all souls giving to their own soul in order to help others, or are they lying in a state of confusion so the excuses of life may settle in and become set for the living of each day? Are the thoughts given back and forth of sincerity, or do the opinions and judgments get in the way? Have the caring and kindness developed to a way of life, or is it saved for holidays and special occasions? You may think this statement is of exaggerated thought, but we will tell you, it is a factual truth, my friends. All you need to do is look around at your neighbors, both next door and the ones across the seas. Many wars among people have begun, for the greed, hatred, power, and control have grown in abundance with great strength. If only you could see this terrible plight of destruction forming, you would surely do something about your own way of living.

You might say that you are a giving, kind, generous soul. Still we will tell you to expand upon your virtues of life. Give more, be kinder, and be more generous, for you will only receive even more gifts of life within this realm. Teach others as you give, because you are a teacher when you truly care about the way you reason with others by showing them an openness that they may also achieve in order to learn and understand from all they meet.

In understanding this lesson, remember that the open mind and soul will render a tremendous amount of knowledge that will help one's spiritual growth. When you are closed, you shut off the learning capacity of the mind and place a stoppage upon your growth. If you come across another throughout your travels who does not want to be around you, God bless that soul and move on, never to harbor any negative thought. When the mind and soul are filled with love, as an innocence of life that only yields beauty, there will be a peace and unity for all to embrace.

Begin now on this journey, and do not look back. Learn from what you have achieved whether it is positive or negative to you. Place within your heart that the negative is really a positive if you have learned and accepted the reason for the wisdom it rendered. Continue on your path and look to the future of newness as you become exhilarated with your passion for life.

Embrace these words ever so deeply and allow them to become a part of your growth. Grieve not for the past, for the beginning of a new day brings you even more lessons of life to understand. Welcome them with joy and rejoice for what you have learned and are about to learn. Remember: Throughout your time spent upon this earth plane, the truth of life is there for all to see if only the vision is untainted and not of a surface level. Allow your vision to be in-depth with reasoning and give not to fallacies and excuses that may set you back on your path. Instead, walk firmly and yet ever so gently, caring and giving genuine consideration to all you meet. Love yourself and love all others. See the beauty that adorns your earth plane. Take care, and cherish what has been bestowed upon you, and as you do, a wealth of richness within purity will surround your soul.

As we close for now, we would like to say: God bless you, and may all thought that is given be of reasoning and love.

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