Automatic Writings

Peace & Presence

Automatic Writings by Tamara Overlee

Automatic writing is a personal connection to the ethereal world. It entails a procedure for development between the writer in the ethereal world and the instrument in the physical plane. The writing comes through the midconscious—the intuition.

The first book and many articles, written through Tamara, were completed in semi-trance, which is an altered state of consciousness. Within the writings, there is no punctuation (no “I’s” are dotted and no “T’s” are crossed), and the hand moves swiftly. Nothing is remembered or known until Tamara reads the writings. She says an opening prayer in order for the allowance of Maleisse (her dearest friend in Spirit, her control) and Tamara to come together in a complete union. The thoughts from many people within the spirit family are related to Maleisse, and then are written through Tamara. When the writing is finished, she says a closing prayer to end the session. Due respect is given to each soul, and the prayers are very important regarding automatic writing, as the higher levels of wisdom will not impose their will upon anyone.

The time Tamara spends with her family in spirit is very cherished, as the writings are her life’s work—to convey the words of truth that will help all humankind to understand the true purpose of this physical life.

The Circle of Life

The circle of life is a never-ending journey that is so graciously given to all souls. It is a continuation of spiritual fulfillment to help one learn and grow to the wholesome purity of love. We in this spirit family cherish and give to you this symbolic interpretation as a simple way in which to explain the immortality of the soul’s quest

Spiritual Healing

.To be healed of the mind and soul is, indeed, a divine blessing.

Spiritual healing is an engaging, powerful source of energy that is transmitted from the ethereal world. All those who work in a healing modality in the ethereal world had served Mankind in the same capacity during their physical life. In passing, many of the doctors, nurses, and practitioners choose the same healing work upon the arrival to their true home, the ethereal/spirit world.

Personal Change

Let us understand this physical life, the purpose of living upon this earth plane. Many people question the meaning of life and seem to be confused about the reasons for their destined path. There are so many facets of life to aspire to, and yet many souls seem to feel that they never accomplish quite enough. We in Spirit ask: Who are you trying to satisfy—yourself or others?

Love & Reasoning

"All" is a word in which we think of everyone—yes, everyone living in unity; however, this state of living is not as it should be at this time and must begin to transpire for the well-being of your world. People of all lands and all dispositions of life need to unite in their actions, thoughts, and accomplishments. In order to fulfill your desires, the actions must be carried out with positive thought; and the thought must be based upon love, truth, and honesty. Without the foundation of honesty, love will surely falter. When there is true love, a positive realm of honest caring for one another will be shown through one’s actions. Too much time is spent in confusion, although there could be a clear way of thinking and reasoning achieved by all. If anyone is left out, then there is a void for the unity of your world.

Celebration of Humanity

All souls are the full glorious bloom of a flower that emanates such stature and grace. We in the world of Spirit use the analogy of a flower, for the simplicity is beautiful in which to describe.