Distant Session:

The distant/absent session is scheduled by telephone when travel is not possible. This session will provide an evaluation that will answer your questions and concerns about what care and help would be beneficial to you on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Prior to making your appointment, Tamara will fully explain the procedure of the session.

Healing Session:

A spiritual healing session will provide you with information about any discomfort or imbalance of the physical body. Spirit works on the ethereal level and can quickly see any disharmony, which is completely discerned by color and light. Energy work (Ten Chai), to balance and heal the body, changes the physiology of energy levels to promote wholeness of health. The glorious aspect of spiritual healing is that wellness can be achieved in a simple, common sense way. There is work to be completed on both sides—the healing energy of Spirit and the follow-up care that you implement, as gratitude for your physical body is a most important part of the healing process. All concerns will be addressed, and all questions will be welcomed.

Follow-up and support are also an integral part of the healing session. You are encouraged to consult with your physical doctor or healthcare practitioner.

Guidance Session:

A spiritual guidance session will help you resolve any concerns or difficulties in your life. The emotional values and situations that create fears, dependencies, insecurities, depression, grief, low self-esteem, sadness, and/or any discord will be addressed. Your wants, needs, and desires including the many challenges and obstacles of life require great understanding. This session enables you to achieve a deeper awareness about your destined path so you may live your physical life in a harmonious state of peace and tranquility.

To schedule any of our sessions, or to receive more information about our services, contact Joy of Healing at (813) 480-2759 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

It is acknowledged that our spiritual work is offered as a complementary form of healing, and is not a substitute or replacement for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. We are not medical doctors, and our healing work does not entail a likeness of procedures in the medical profession.

Spiritual healing is the energy that is transmitted from the ethereal world to the spirit body on the physical plane. There is no invasion to the physical body, as the energy work only takes place on an etheric level.

We encourage all clients to confer with their physical doctors or healthcare practitioners about any help and guidance that is given from the ethereal world (our Spirit family). It is your responsibility to implement your free will in making favorable choices for your personal well-being.

Classes & Workshops We Offer

Joy of Healing offers several classes and workshops pertaining to many varied subjects. (Inquire about additional topics.)


Constitutional Reality: (The five Elements of Life — love, truth, honesty, humility, and gratitude)

This class teaches the essence and foundation of life. It helps you to understand the internal depth of your soul, your purpose, and your spiritual path from childhood to adult—goals, relationships, jobs and financial situations—all facets of life. (How to conquer the fear of revealing your true self.)

Awareness of Lifeʼs Foundation

This class teaches how to be grounded by light and sound with the vibrational energy of your Spirit family—how they can help you along your journey in life to become a wiser and more concerned person and how you will receive support with your everyday needs. It also teaches how to be more open-minded, more congenial, and achieve respect for all life. It will define the inner circle of confusion so that you may look at positive attributes in your life with an honest approach.

Grief and Sorrow

Any loss can create grief, whether it be losing someone or something you love and hold dear to your heart. Missing a loved one is natural and the loss of a job, relationship, or your health can cause depression and emotional suffering. This class will teach you the steps to release your sorrow through your spiritual and eternal thoughts so that you may heal in a healthy way and move on to a fulfilled life.

Sharing Wisdom to Achieve Spiritual Integrity

This class teaches how to develop spiritual friendships, how to achieve trust within yourself and others, and how to share your wisdom without fear or judgment. Enjoy this special time with our spirit family! (Bring a personal item that is dear to your heart.)

An Evening of Spirit Communication

During this informative evening, our spirit family invites you to ask them any questions relating to the physical earth plane and the ethereal world. This class gives you the opportunity to receive answers pertaining to the topic of your choice.

Confronting and Overcoming Addictions

Becoming settled and balanced with your past and welcoming the newness and freshness of a life that promotes change for the betterment of your spirit is most important. Anxiety and obscure thoughts can keep one from accomplishing goals and desires. This class teaches how to look back at insecurities that caused any type of addiction. It defines how to become complete and whole with the lack of fear–to understand how to turn this act of choice and free will into a blessing of true spiritual healing.


This class teaches how to overcome the fear of what our society terms, death. It will give you the understanding of passing on through the metaphysical crossing relating to the mind and body—the directions to take, destiny, created dilemmas, and dispositions earned.

Nutritional Healing

This workshop teaches how to heal the body through proper nutrition in order to achieve a healthy life style that affects positive thinking. (How reactions to nutrition advocate changes in thought patterns.)

Ethereal, Holistic Methods for Healers

This workshop teaches how to be in touch with the different healing modalities while utilizing techniques given from Spirit—how to gain a deeper sense of understanding intuitive communication from oneʼs Spirit family.

For more information, contact joy of healing by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at 813-480-2759