About Us

About Andrew

"Whether we are aware of spirit or not, they are always contacting us through our intuition, helping and guiding us in our everyday lives. The only question is—Are we listening?"

Born in Denver, CO, Andrew was introduced to his “spirit family” at an early age, experiencing his first semi­trance healing at the age of seven. His father, Vern, who communicated with spirit for most of his life, helped Andrew to clarify and pursue his life’s work as an instrument for healing energy and set him along the path as a trance medium.

When in a trance state, Andrew becomes a conduit through which his family in spirit can speak, enabling information to pass from the ethereal world to the physical plane. Because of his deep connection and ability with spirit, people from all walks of life receive healing to resolve their physical, emotional and spiritual concerns. Describing his work, Andrew says, "To become a trance medium or develop your own special gift is a part of one’s written destiny, a commitment to uphold the sanctity of life with one's spirit family. We all manifest our destiny, our work in this physical life; and we choose the way we pursue our spiritual commitment.”

In 1986, Andrew met his partner in life, his beloved wife, Tamara. Together, Andrew and Tamara hold this life’s work with their spirit family very dear to their hearts. Their mission is to help bring peace, love, and equality to all humankind.

About Tamara

“Be honest and openminded; honor the integrity within. Allow the blessed moments to be in harmony of the mind and soul, for this way of life gives the essence of pure joy and unconditional love—to understand the equality of all humankind.”

Originally from Canton, OH, Tamara is a spiritual healer, counselor, and semi­trance medium. She is the author of The Truth of Life From the World of Love and Spirit and has written many articles that are dedicated to helping mankind.

Tamara has been aware of the spiritual dimension of life from a young age, and throughout the years has developed a deep understanding of her connection to the spirit world. She has received from her spirit family countless, invaluable teachings which have enriched other’s lives as well as her own. An integral assistant in all healing and guidance sessions, Tamara has witnessed remarkable healings of mind, body and spirit These, and other experiences of life have shaped her relationship with both the spiritual and the physical dimensions.

Tamara writes, “Be aware that you are being guided each day from your friends in spirit. Cherish them as you cherish yourself. Thank them for helping you with your physical life’s journey. The day-to-day experiences are so vast, and each one is a valuable lesson that will continually benefit your personal growth. Live in honesty to yourself and all others so it is easier for your spirit family to work through your intuition in a more precise manner.”

Our Devotion: Andrew and Tamara

Communication with the spirit world is a fact scientifically proven by the phenomena of divine metaphysics. The existence and personal identity of the individual continues with the passing or transition process to the ethereal world, and the gift of healing is a divine attribute proven through mediumship. The natural laws of the spirit world: love, truth, honesty, humility, and gratitude are the expression of infinite wisdom.