Stories of Healing

It’s worth everything

Visits with Tammy and Drew Overlee have completely changed my life. First their healing fixed my neck issues; then the guidance I received from the Spirits working through them helped me to make drastic changes in my life. I am now a happily divorced, healthy woman with my own successful business. I learned how to be honest with myself and others, how to be a real mother to my children, and how to live life comfortably in the real world, rather than make up a fantasy of how my life was okay when it wasn’t.

This work is not given enough credit

I first noticed my health was deteriorating in my late 30’s. I was extremely over weight to the point of obesity. My diet consisted of high calorie and fatty foods. Sugar was the one thing that gave me a euphoric feeling after I would eat it. It was the first thing I would think of when I woke up and the last thing when I went to bed. It was the calm before the storm in terms of an emotional roller coaster.

The Miracle in My Life

I am living proof that miracles do happen and prayers are answered. More than twenty-five years, my entire adult life, had been spent teaching elementary school. Sure there were challenges, but every job has them. The students' enthusiasm and delight in a story we were reading, a science experiment gone awry, or an especially messy art project motivated me to challenge both them and myself. I was active and enjoyed playing badminton and volley ball with my young scholars, part of a reward system I had introduced to motivate them to better their own performance and earn extra gym time.

I cannot tell how grateful I am

I got home safe and sound and I finally have some time to sit down and write you. I cannot tell how grateful I am for my intensive. The personal attention I received was truly wonderful - I felt so special.

Both worthwhile and extremely valuable

In November of 2003 I became critically ill with advanced coronary artery disease. I was hospitalized with chest pain, arrhythmias, elevated ST segment, high troponin, etc. I needed to have two stints placed in my coronary arteries (proximal LAD and distal Circ.) which were almost completely blocked. I was told by my cardiologist that I would need a third stint within the next few months. After several more visits to the ED following the stint placement, I finally had an ER doc who discovered I was highly allergic to plavix, a blood thinner that I was placed on. At that point I was feeling terrible. I had virtually no energy and was depressed. My cardiologist basically told me to take a different blood thinner, but continue to take the other medications (cholesterol and ACE inhibitor) and that everything was alright.

They SAVED my life

I met Tammy and Andrew in mid 2002. At the time, I was working in the oil patch in Alberta. I had gone through a divorce in 1986 and had done some work spiritually, as a result of knowing that I was largely responsible. My second meeting with them is when I met Dr. Gregor, a healer of the mind in spirit who works with Andrew and Tammy.

anything is possible

Some years ago I had back pain so severe that I could hardly rise from a chair without help. I had visited many physicians and specialists and had undergone extensive testing without any results or understanding of what the problem was. It got to the point that doctors were recommending radical solutions such as, removing the tail bone or submitting to experimental research on the prostate. These radical approaches would have been painful and would have offered no long-term relief.

I am fully aware now

When I was first approached about seeing Dr Robert and his colleagues concerning my cancer and other probelms, I was very skeptical. Having been trained in traditional medicine as a retired RN, and also not believing in the etheric world as it is, it seemed "beyond" anything I had previously encountered.

They truly understand

The first thing that struck me about Tammy and Drew was how normal and down to earth they are. That brings with it all the real baggage of being human but the refreshing thing for me is that Tammy and Drew don't try to hide it. They are who they are and not trying to put on airs.

his team resolved those issues

I have enjoyed and enriched my life by connecting with some of those who have crossed over. This was done in a number of ways and through the work of Andrew and Tamara Overlee. I first encountered them and their work, Joy in Healing, in 2000 when I had concerns about my health. The interventions and suggestions of Dr. Roberts and his team resolved those issues.