his team resolved those issues

I have enjoyed and enriched my life by connecting with some of those who have crossed over. This was done in a number of ways and through the work of Andrew and Tamara Overlee. I first encountered them and their work, Joy in Healing, in 2000 when I had concerns about my health. The interventions and suggestions of Dr. Roberts and his team resolved those issues.

I was especially interested in the work of two members of their ethereal family, Dr Gregor, whose function - in my words - is that of a spiritual therapist and Lindgrid who is a teacher, philosopher. I was a Franciscan friar for 22 years, a Catholic priest for 14 years and worked 13 of those years in the Amazon Valley of Northern Brazil. Later as a licensed psychologist I have been in private practice for 24 years.

From July 13 through July 16, 2001 in the Overlee’’s home in Montana, I conversed with Dr. Gregor and then Lingrid. In the first hours of my dialogue with Dr. Gregor, he asked me to define certain words in order to ascertain where I was at in my understanding of life and healing; for example: freedom, perception, religion, identity, destiny. He also addressed personal issues that were preventing me from coming consistently from an intuitive space. His message was, "Thomas, let there be less thinking and more intuiting."

On the second day I began my conversation with Lingrid. He explained many aspects of the ethereal realm that I had never thought about. Then he talked about what my wife, Berta, and I had - when in the ethereal realm - contracted on doing once we came to the planet earth. That elicited in me a wonderful sense of joy and harmony because at some level I had known that but had resisted living it out with complete dedication. He introduced me to the ethereal family that assist me and explained the individual functions of its members.

Some key teachings that I took away from that encounter with Dr. Gregor and Lingrid and have applied to my daily living are: Awareness is the key to life. All beings are equal, the only difference is in their understanding of life. Help and guidance are available, ask!

Thomas A. Leenerts Psy.D.

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