Drawings of Our Spirit Family

All of the spirit drawings were completed by Ely de Vescovi, an Italian, American painter. Her paintings and drawings are timeless, laced with captivating charm, culture and exquisite beauty. Some of our favorites are her self-portrait, the “Segovia” oil, and the drawing of Maestro Arturo Toscanini, which is of the same integrity as the spirit drawings.

As you view the drawings, you will see the names of additional members of our spirit family, as well as each one’s work. One day, another artist, who is on the same artistic level as Bettina, will draw the rest of our spirit family.

Read About The Origin of the Spirit Drawings 

All of the people in our spirit family worked with their spirit guides when living on the earth plane and now continue their work in the ethereal/spirit world.

Dr. Robert, healer

J.J. Thomas, healer

Jesse Thomas, when living on the physical plane, was known as the “physic surgeon.” He was a trance medium, and the spirit entity that worked through him was Dr. Robert Koch. Many people came to see Mr. Thomas at his “Blue Healing Center” in Brighton, England, and in his book, Physic Surgeon, the chapters explain the many healings and treatments that occurred. When he passed to the ethereal world he joined his beloved friend Dr Robert, and at this time, both of them work with Andrew.

John, overseer of the entire spirit family.

Dr. Rutherford, healer of the mind.

Dr. SingLing, healer who executes an energy work that he terms, “Chen Tai”.

Nurse Ruth, healer who devotes her life in taking care of animals.

Nurse Lea, healer who assists Dr. Robert.

Mohabis, healer, philosopher and gatekeeper.

Additional Spirit Family Members


Midwin, teacher and philosopher, a master of all teachings

Myleibi, overseer of all healers

Lingrid, teacher and philosopher and is everyone’s best friend

Dr. Yemen, healer, philosopher and teacher.

Quile, healer, poet, and spiritual guide to all and a dear friend of Dr. Yemen.

Dr. Joseph Varcoma, healer

Dr. Earl, healer, herbologist

Maleisse, writer and works with Tamara

Bobby, researcher of knowledge and Andrew’s personal guide

Gabel, writer and poet

Clara, researcher and Tamara’s personal guide

Girlie, artist and teacher

Dr. Kinard, spiritual, guidance counselor

Chesapeake, writer and poet

Bahealei, healer

Henry Drummond, philosopher, writer and teacher.

Dr. Gregor, healer of the mind.

Dr. Chien Sei, healer who executes an energy work that he terms, “Chen Tai”.

Bue, healer of the mind and gatekeeper.

Dr. Boris, healer who assists in all sessions.

Fresno, historian, philosopher, and teacher.

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