They truly understand

The first thing that struck me about Tammy and Drew was how normal and down to earth they are. That brings with it all the real baggage of being human but the refreshing thing for me is that Tammy and Drew don't try to hide it. They are who they are and not trying to put on airs.

I have spent at least the last ten years learning about and trying different healing therapies and modalities. And in my experience the people doing the work often have a hard time separating themselves from the work. With Tammy and Drew i feel as if they truly understand that the work is coming through them but they are not the work. Or more succinctly they understand and practise humility and gratitude. Tammy and Drew also seem to intrinsically un! derstand the difference between spiritual practice and religious beliefs, and in the 15 or so days i have spent with them there has been little talk of religion but healthy discussion of daily spiritual practice and it's importance to health and well-being.

I find it difficult to put into words the incredible clarity that becomes commonplace while working with the spiritual family that Drew and Tammy embody. If you are willing to go to those deepest places inside yourself and are open to receiving unconditional, truthful help, you will feel the profound love and support that is always around you. And the support that Tammy and Drew as regular people offer is ! in my experience unparallelled.

I do not call them all the time and ask for regular updates I, know however, that I could. They will hold you through your journey as you take back your own life. In a nut shell, I highly recommend this vastly life altering work with all my heart and soul.

Fred Zbryski

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