anything is possible

Some years ago I had back pain so severe that I could hardly rise from a chair without help. I had visited many physicians and specialists and had undergone extensive testing without any results or understanding of what the problem was. It got to the point that doctors were recommending radical solutions such as, removing the tail bone or submitting to experimental research on the prostate. These radical approaches would have been painful and would have offered no long-term relief.

I was introduced to Tammy and Drew by my wife. She had been seeing the spirit family for some time and experienced some wonderful results. As an engineer, I was very skeptical about spirit, but I needed to do something.

I visited Dr. Robert and many other members of the spirit family of Tammy and Drew. As a result, I committed to some life changes. Within a short period of time the back pain was relieved and I regained full mobility. Tammy and Drew have a wonderful gift of spirit. Through them and the spirit family... anything is possible.

Oly Serrano

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