It’s worth everything

Visits with Tammy and Drew Overlee have completely changed my life. First their healing fixed my neck issues; then the guidance I received from the Spirits working through them helped me to make drastic changes in my life. I am now a happily divorced, healthy woman with my own successful business. I learned how to be honest with myself and others, how to be a real mother to my children, and how to live life comfortably in the real world, rather than make up a fantasy of how my life was okay when it wasn’t.

I have known them for more than a decade, and credit my time in sessions with them as the basis for my beautiful life today. They are down-to-earth, honest, fun people with the ability and heart to help anyone who asks them. They have healed many people of ailments, several of whom I know personally. When I meet someone with a condition that seems incurable, fatal, or complex, I recommend that they visit Tammy and Drew because I know they are capable of helping beyond what I have experienced any other healer in this world can do.

If you are without hope, if you don’t know what to do to make your life better, or your mind/body seems incurable, visit Drew and Tammy and you will find what you need. They have helped me to transform my life beyond what any counselor or healer has ever done (and I have visited many). A three-day session with them is like several years of therapy. It’s worth everything.


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