I am fully aware now


When I was first approached about seeing Dr Robert and his colleagues concerning my cancer and other probelms, I was very skeptical. Having been trained in traditional medicine as a retired RN, and also not believing in the etheric world as it is, it seemed "beyond" anything I had previously encountered.

However, because I trusted the friend who refered me to him, I figured there was nothing to lose since my cancer was advanced. I later learned that most major organs were invovled, I had 7 vertebrae out of alignment, plus my right hip, causing sciatic pain and a jammed right rotator cuff.

I had had a right radical mastectomy in 1985 and had a growing LARGE open mass on my left breast that was painful and bleeding.

A four day intensive with Dr Robert working through Drew, and many of his colleagues present in Spirit, working on my body, with Tammy writing down all instructions for me ( diet) and helping me with treatments needed such as poultices etc. the cancer was COMPELTELY removed and my body left was sqeaky clean.

My vertebrae, hip and rotator cuff were all realigned without any pain whatsoever.

When I went for my left mastectomy, I told the surgeon there was no cancer left in my body. I could see she was skeptical but I assured her all blood tests would come up negative for cancer. This blood work had to be done before the surgery. All tests came back negative for cancer and all within normal range.

The welcome, kindness and love shown by Tammy, Drew, Dr Robert and his colleagues was, and continues to be, deeply felt and appreciated.

One cannot seperate body, mind and spirit for all are interwined in our wholeness. I am fully aware now I have met others in this Spirit family, who have, from their home IN the etheric world, helped me understand there is so MUCH to learn about how we can deal with, and leave behind, the baggage we accumulate when we shed these human physical limitations such a body, time and ignorance.

We can learn how to care for these bodies of ours so we do not prematurely end our life on earth before we have accomplished what we feel is our mission here. In attending the classes or individual sessions offered we can learn how to live in a way we can leave this earth plane and people without regret.

More importantly, we can learn about ourselves, and those who are not afraid to be REAL and be honest enough to show who they really are, will benefit from the freedom of shedding pretense and will enjoy all there is to enjoy.

Someone said, " "One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."

I believe my experience with our friends in Spirit through ordinary folk who have become extraordinary vessels of healing, has enhanced my own ability to make this ordinary human bean that I am, as extraordinary as them.

I am very grateful to my friend, Ethel, who first referred me to Dr Robert and his esteemed team, to the Overlees whose wonderful hearts are so open to all, and to myself for being wise enough to put aside, bias, predjudice and disbelief so I am still alive today with NO cancer present in my body

It has been over four years since I had my intensive, and staying on the diet given me I will be living till I am gnashing on my gums at 105yrs ( I am 71yrs presently) - unless I do not lose my false teeth. Everything else will be genuine!


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