The Miracle in My Life

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By Janet Komanchuk

I am living proof that miracles do happen and prayers are answered. More than twenty-five years, my entire adult life, had been spent teaching elementary school. Sure there were challenges, but every job has them. The students' enthusiasm and delight in a story we were reading, a science experiment gone awry, or an especially messy art project motivated me to challenge both them and myself. I was active and enjoyed playing badminton and volley ball with my young scholars, part of a reward system I had introduced to motivate them to better their own performance and earn extra gym time.

In the midst of the 1986-87 school term my husband of two and a half years suffered a heart attack and passed a few days later. My life changed dramatically. I was alone again.

Then my mother became ill and moved in with me. Her condition deteriorated rapidly. She required full-time care that only a nursing home could provide. Soon she was bedridden, totally incapable of even feeding herself, a prisoner within her own body. Yet her mind remained alert. For years I would race from school to the nursing home to feed and care for her. With my mother's passing there was no one left.

My own physical health began to fail. Initially, I felt the pain in my neck, then in my wrists, and elbows. Over several months, it intensified and spread throughout my entire body. I saw numerous doctors. Finally, through the process of elimination, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Even with the morphine patches, and codeine contin, teaching became impossible. Simply getting out of bed in the morning was a struggle.

I could no longer look after my home, my dogs, or myself. In a daze, I shuffled between my bed, sauna, and hot tub. I had tried everything I could think of from physiotherapy to joint injections, acupuncture, massage, magnetic therapy, aquasize, self hypnosis, tapping, body talk, special diets, and supplements, not to mention the pain killers and anti depressants. Nothing helped. I was desperate, frustrated, and angry. At the age of fifty-two I was preparing to go to a nursing home to spend what little time I had left in this world in agony. Desolate, I prayed for an end to my suffering, whatever the cost. I even prayed for my own death.
Unexpectedly, my uncle phoned to tell me about the Overlees, the founders of Joy of Healing, a wonderful couple who work with spirit to restore health. He had been introduced to them by fellow members of his Edgar Cayce Group who also understood and appreciated their special work. "Andrew," my uncle explained, “is a gifted full trance medium and Tamara, his wife, is a dedicated spiritual counsellor whose family in spirit write through her. Would you be willing to see them?" he asked.

At this point I had nothing to lose. I had run out of options. This, I felt, would be my last attempt to restore my health and save my very life. Joy of Healing might be the answer to my prayers.

Eagerly, I phoned Tamara who told me about their precious life's work, their passion and dedication to helping mankind. For the first time in what seemed like forever I felt hope. As I was physically unable to drive the distance to my uncle's home, arrangements were made for me to fly. I was so weak I could barely climb the steps of the plane.

At last I arrived and met Andrew and Tamara and their spirit family who worked tirelessly to heal the disharmony in my physical body and balance my energy levels. They recommended a diet and exercise program designed to meet my specific needs. As healing is physical, emotional, and spiritual, we worked together to identify and resolve the issues in my life contributing to my illness. After several days of treatment I returned home to implement the diet and exercise programs that my newfound friends recommended.

During the following weeks, miraculously, I continued to experience a lessening, then a total cessation of the unbearable pain. My energy increased, as did my will to live. In a few months I drove to see Andrew and Tamara, something that had previously been impossible. I continued to grow stronger, more active and vibrant; mentally, physically, and spiritually thanks to my dearest friends and their family in spirit, as well as my own efforts that finally had direction and focus. Because of this life-altering work I had my life back, pain and prescription free, transformed and full!

Tamara's writings have helped me to discover and reveal my true self and my passion for life. Her book has become a best friend, offering enlightened guidance on my journey. Its powerful message from spirit offers inspiration, comfort, and unconditional love. With each reading I am encouraged and challenged to expand and grow. Whenever I am confused, seeking clarity and wisdom, I pick up The Truth of Life From the World of Love and Spirit and open it to a random page. There is always a message to guide, and direct, to uplift, and motivate.

I will forever be grateful to my dearest friends, Andrew and Tamara, for their life-altering work with spirit that has helped so many, and literally saved my very life. Because of the healing and counsel of Joy of Healing and Tamara's captivating, common sense book of universal truths, I am now healthy and happy beyond my wildest dreams. I am living proof that miracles do happen!

Janet Komanchuk is a retired school teacher who has experienced the miraculous remission of chronic, debilitating fibromyalgia. To learn more about Andrew and Tamara Overlee and their beautiful and unique healing which helps to achieve wellness in mind, body, and spirit visit

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