The Circle of Life

The circle of life is a never-ending journey that is so graciously given to all souls. It is a continuation of spiritual fulfillment to help one learn and grow to the wholesome purity of love. We in this spirit family cherish and give to you this symbolic interpretation as a simple way in which to explain the immortality of the soul’s quest

The Center

The center of the circle represents the purity of love, where all souls will unite one day in total peace. This space is where the higher levels of wisdom flourish within the purest essence of energy imaginable. The light and sound of this energy is so pure, so bright, so soothing that those who are ready to enter are only of learned souls who will devote their lives to helping all others. This journey is one that all souls can accomplish through their choice, and it is one that gathers all lessons of life in order to step into eternity. This realm awaits all who seek, for when wisdom is embraced to celebrate “the conscious reality of the one,” all cherished souls will forever shine with great reverence for the life of exalted peace and happiness.

The Five Circles

The circles within the circle represent the five elements of life: love, truth, honesty, humility, and gratitude..

  • Love is the center, the purity of the soul. Love is life that oversees the virtues of all souls as being equal.
  • Truth means you just do not lie; you give the unremitting truth at all moments of your life.
  • Honesty means to allow yourself to reveal the beautiful soul you are negating any false face—to be your true self at all times.
  • Humility means you are a giving soul who never needs praise or glory. You allow your ego to diminish because of your forthright integrity toward all souls. You stand up for your beliefs and allow the strength within to exceed all adversities that come upon your destined path in a loving, caring way.
  • Gratitude means you are in appreciation for all life’s blessings that have been bestowed upon you.

The Core

The centerline of the circle is the core of life, the strength within your soul, the courage of your heart, and the appreciation for the opportunity in which you have avowed to welcome the tests and challenges of life.

The Paths

The paths (the diagonal branches) represent the challenges and obstacles that will be offered as great opportunities on your destined path. These are the roads to follow through choice and free will in order to obtain deeper knowledge. These paths, reaching away from the core, may also render times of confusion, as this state of mind may develop because of one getting off the straightforward path. When this occurs, the mind and soul are no longer in harmony; consequently, it is vital to listen to one’s intuition so that the lessons will be learned with greater ease, and the soul will rule rather than the mind taking control. Once issues are resolved and the soul understands the worthiness to life, the straightforward path will be found again. Thereupon, more lessons will be learned, and if the choice is made to remain on the path of merit, the soul will return to the center of the circle where love exists in the highest, most pure form imaginable.

Upon transition, you will take with you the same thought patterns that you acquired from the physical existence. If the physical life had been one of love, truth, honesty, humility, and gratitude, you will return to the home of happiness—the home you left in the ethereal world before entering the earth plane. In this light, you will have completed the physical circle that will continue in the ethereal world. The expansion of thought and all senses will continue to further your growth to wisdom that is inconceivable to the earth plane, as it is limitless. The ultimate achievement is to undeniably realize the purity of the soul, the greatness of love that lies within. The center of the circle is where all will eventually want to be, for once this endeavor is achieved throughout all the vastness of knowledge that is learned in the ethereal world, one will gain the realm of eternity where all the angels of life thrive within pure givingness.

If the circle of life is not completed, then one will go to school to relearn the desired lessons. Once the lessons are learned, then and only then, will one be permitted to move on to the higher levels of wisdom where the souls thrive that lived within the five elements of life during their time spent upon the earth plane. This is why it is so important to complete the circle of life in the physical plane, so it merely continues in the ethereal world with more and more gifts bestowed upon your soul. You choose to come to the earth plane; therefore, make the best of all situations that will be nurturing to your spiritual growth. With this truth in mind, follow your heartfelt desires and fulfill them with the morality of your soul; for the circle of life never ends, it is just made more exhilarating for you as you continue your journey on your destined path.

God speed to you, and may your life be one that gratifies all of your deepest passions through your will and determination of your precious soul.

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